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A decorative automatic gate can be designed as a sliding or swinging gate. They are designed or programmed to close and open by use of a wireless transmitter or a manual device. Automatic gates are also referred to as remote gates or electric gates. The gates function by sliding on a rail laid on the ground. The gate is normally attached to the wheels at the bottom, where the gate touches the rail laid on the ground. These wheels help the gate to slide smoothly on the rail when closing or opening. This type of gate can be used or installed on both commercial and residential properties in Hardwicke Bay.

The automation has been improved from using a remote control to opening the gate using a mobile phone. The property owner sends a short message (sms) with a secret word e.g. OPEN using the phone and the gate opens for you to enter or exit.

We have two types of electric gate opener which are electromechanical and hydraulic. A gate opener is a mechanical device that is used to close and open a gate at the end of the driveway. The gates are further classified into the following classes: screw or worm driven, underground opener and arms opener.

In case of power loss or blackouts the gates can be connected or fitted with solar panels to ensure smooth operation of the gate. An electric or automatic gate is among the best gates used to increase and ensure tight security of residential and commercial premises in Hardwicke Bay. Use of these gates is on the rise and cost of materials and installation has gone down. The architectural styles are made of different materials which include timber, wrought iron and aluminium.

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Industry: Fencing

Product: Decorative Automatic Gates

Suburb: Hardwicke Bay SA 5575

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  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Removal Of Existing
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